[Totally Confirmed] The numbers on EXO’s jerseys from the “Wolf” era have been a topic of discussion since they appeared. It is known that 88 in Morse code means “hugs and kisses,” which makes sense considering their album titles. There has, however, been much speculation as to the meanings behind the members individual numbers. Many theories have been made, but our researchers have discovered the true meanings of a few of them. Baekhyun’s is pretty clever, as his number is 4. Multiply 4 by the number of members and you get 48, add 4+8 and you get 12 again. Sehun’s number, 7, is a bit more straight forward, as it is simply the number of bubble teas he would like to drink in a day. Lay’s number, 10, added to the last two digits of the year he was born equals the number of stuffed animals he owned when he turned 10 years old. Luhan’s number, 77, is a bit more complicated. 7+7=14, 77+14=91. 9-1=8, and 91+8= 99, which coincidentally happens to be Xiumin’s number. Kris’s number, 00, is the number of things he considers to be his style. Our team of highly trained mathematicians are currently still decoding the other jersey numbers.


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